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Campaign launched to tackle knife crime

Campaign launched to tackle knife crime
Today (November 13), we're launching a new campaign to tackle knife crime across the county
In a bid to reduce the number of knives on the streets of Essex, we are encouraging the public to dispose of their knives safely in a knife bin. There are seven knife bins dotted across the county, provided by the charity Only Cowards Carry (OCC). The bins are in place all year round and their locations can be found on OCC’s website.
We are also encouraging the public to report those that carry knives either anonymously through Fearless or to us by reporting online, calling 101 or in an emergency by calling 999.
Throughout the week, we'll be sharing videos from people that have experienced knife crime in their lives, either as a victim, a relative, a doctor or a police officer responding to a stabbing. We'll also be sharing infographics to show knife crime in numbers across the county and sending campaign posters to every secondary school and college in Essex.
We encourage the public, our partners and local businesses to share our campaign so that we can work together to ensure there are no knives in Essex.
Chief Superintendent Paul Wells said: “Knife crime is increasing year on year in Essex and across the country. It is a needless crime that devastates lives and there is no place for it in our county.
“There is no excuse to carry a knife in Essex. Knife crime can have devastating consequences, not only for the victim but for their family and friends and the emergency services that have to deal with the aftermath. If you are found illegally in possession of a knife you will be arrested and subject to the criminal justice system.

“The public has a major role to play in helping us to tackle knife crime. We urge you to report anyone that you know is carrying a knife. You can do this anonymously via Fearless who will pass on any reports to us. We know that you might not want somebody close to you to get in trouble for carrying a knife but by helping us take knives off the street, you could be saving somebody’s life and saving their family, friends and the wider community from a lifetime of devastation.”

“You can also help by safely disposing of your knives to ensure they are not used to cause harm. There are a number of knife bins dotted across the county for you to safely dispose of knives and more information about their locations can be found on the Only Cowards Carry website.”

For more information about knife crime in Essex visit:

Search #NoKnivesInEssex for more.

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