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Witham Community Special Constables

Community Special Constables in Witham

Be a Community Special Constable in Witham

Witham is a town in the District of Braintree, which is the largest policing district in England. It stands between the city of Chelmsford and the town of Colchester with a population of around 25,000 people. The town has a train station and is situated near to the A12 and has rural, urban and industrial areas. Although the town has a fairly low crime rate it does suffer from some crime trends and issues with nuisance youths on mopeds and quad bikes, anti-social behaviour, vehicle crime and drug-related criminality.

A Witham Community Special Constable will:

  1. Be integrated into a Community Policing Team
  2. Start and end their duty as close to their community as possible, potentially from another agency’s premises
  3. Spend the majority of their time within the council area’s neighbourhoods.
  4. Be visible and accessible in local communities on uniformed, foot or cycle patrol.
  5. Help address local issues and priorities as informed by the local council and police intelligence-led tasking.
  6. Patrol hot spots identified through intelligence or which have been deemed to be priority areas.
  7. Respond to police-related incidents within the council area.
  8. Engage with local communities and support further recruitment of Specials.
  9. Attend suitable local council meetings where available to do so.
  10. Have regard to the Council’s aims and objectives in their voluntary service.

So if you’re interested in really looking after your little piece of the world please submit an application. Witham would love to have you as part of their community team and we’d love to help you keep your area safe.

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