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If you are unhappy with the conduct of a police officer or member of police staff, you can make a complaint here.

Step 1 of 5 - Personal details

Complainant personal details

Complainant contact details

Preferred method of contact:*

Third party details

Please complete this section if you are acting on behalf of the complainant. Written consent is required from the complainant and should be available on request as proof of their authority before any progression of the complaint is made.

Complainants under the age of 16 are not normally required to obtain consent to make a complaint. However it is recognised that navigation through the complaints system may be assisted through the support of a parent/guardian/advocate. If you are below the age of 16 please provide details of any person that could perform this role.

Step 2 of 5 - Complaint details

Complaint details

Please describe the circumstances that have led to your complain. Explain what happened, where the incident took place , who was involved , what was said and done. Please include car registration numbers and descriptions where relevant.

Complaint circumstances

In the opinion of the complaintant, does the complaint relate to any of the following:

Does your complaint arise from a forcible sectioning under the Mental Health Act? If YES please provide further details below.:

Does your complaint arise from an arrest? If YES and charges have been made please detail the name of the court you will be appearing at below:

Step 3 of 5 - Witness details

Witness one details

Witness two details

Witness three details

Witness four details

Step 4 of 5 - Resolution and confirmation




Please tick here to confirm that the above information is correct to the best of your knowledge.:

Step 5 of 5 - Home Office Monitoring

The following questions are optional. your answers will be used anonymously for reporting statistics.

What is your gender?

What is your ethnicity?:

Do you have a disability or access need?:

By submitting this form you agree to the information provided being used for case management and any other policing purpose including Home Office statistics and assessment.

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