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Safety and security

A firearm in the wrong hands can be lethal so it’s up to you to use one safely and responsibly.

By following these simple safety rules you can make sure you’re never the cause of an accident.
  • Keep your gun locked up when not in use
  • Keep your ammunition locked in a cupboard out of reach of children. Firearms ammunition must be stored in a separate container to the gun.
  • Never point a gun at anybody, even if you know it’s not loaded.
  • Never trust a safety catch, it could be faulty. Treat a gun’s safety mechanism as a second line of defence.
  • When transporting a gun, lock it in the boot or keep hidden under a blanket
  • Keep your gun in its container until you are about to use it, checking it is unloaded and the barrel is clear until you are ready to fire.
  • Show your gun is unloaded when passing it to somebody else
  • Never carry a gun with the safety catch off or your finger on the trigger
  • Do not carry a gun cradled in your arms or over your shoulder with the barrel pointing behind or in any direction your common sense tells you is dangerous
To find out more read the Home Office Air Weapon Guide to Safety and The British Association for Shooting and Conservation’s Code of Practice for Air Rifles.


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