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Essex Police takes speeding very seriously.

Excessive and inappropriate speed is the cause of many road traffic collisions throughout the county every year and has been identified as a priority for many communities through neighbourhood policing.

Our officers take a robust approach to speeding drivers 365 days a year and are continually stepping up efforts to catch irresponsible drivers who choose to ignore speed limits.

One of the ways in which Essex Police does this is by setting up random static speed checks up and down the county.

Police officers use hand held laser devices to detect speeding vehicles and interact with the driver or rider and promote safety messages.

Since 2007 Community Speed Watch groups throughout the county have been supporting Essex Police and its partners in their efforts to change rider behaviour and make the roads of Essex a safer place.

Another way in which Essex Police monitors speeding is through the use of traffic survey equipment.

The equipment is deployed around the county for periods of between four and six days as part of Essex Police's road safety and speed enforcement campaign. It records the speed and volume of traffic travelling in both directions at the site where it is deployed. 

Police officers can deal with speeding drivers in a number of ways:

Verbal warning

Officers offer advice at the roadside.

Speed awareness course

Gives drivers caught speeding the chance to complete a workshop to help them understand the consequences of speeding rather than be issued with a fixed penalty notice resulting in three penalty points and a £100 fine.

These courses are usually offered to drivers that have exceeded the legal limit but not by a huge amount. The course is offered as an alternative to fixed penalties. Although unusual, drivers can opt for the penalty instead.

Fixed penalty notice

The driver can pay a £100 fine and accept three points on their licence rather than face prosecution.

Report to court

Drivers who are 25mph or more over the speed limit will be reported to court. Other reasons for a report to court include the driver already having nine points on their licence or them opting to go to court.

Adam Pipe is the casualty reduction manager at Essex Police. He said: “It’s disappointing to see that some drivers continue to drive irresponsibly on the roads of Essex.

"Residents continue to tell us that speeding is a concern in their communities but we are still seeing a number of people putting themselves and others in danger by driving at excess speed.

“Essex Police is committed to making the roads of Essex a safer place for all who use them and our officers will continue cracking down on those who get behind the wheel and drive irresponsibly.”

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