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Knife crime

  • Knife crime stories
    In February 2017, 21-year-old Jamie Wilson was stabbed twice during an altercation with an old school friend.
    He was stabbed in his stomach and his eye.

    At first, Jamie didn’t realise what had happened to him. He thought he had been punched in the eye but people nearby were telling him he had been stabbed. He woke up in hospital with his family and friends distraught around him.

    The priority for the doctors was to repair Jamie’s stomach, he had suffered internal bleeding and doctors later told him that he was lucky not to need a colostomy bag.

    Unfortunately, Jamie’s eye could not be saved and he has had to adjust to life blinded in one eye.
    His attacker was jailed in August for seven years.
    Jamie’s girlfriend, 20-year-old Chloe Hardy knew her childhood sweetheart was out for the night and went to sleep only to wake up to 30 missed calls telling her that Jamie had been stabbed. Her heart sank when she found out what had happened to him and she feared she was going to lose him.

    After a worrying few days in the hospital at Jamie’s side, the pair found out that Jamie had lost the sight in his eye and Chloe supported Jamie as he broke down after hearing the news.

    Chloe has suffered severe anxiety since Jamie’s attack and finds it hard to trust people. She has been seeing a counsellor to help her come to terms with what happened.
    On September 8, 2012, Caroline’s life as she knew it changed forever when she was woken up in the night by police officers knocking on her door.

    They told her that her 17-year-old son Jay Whiston had been stabbed at a party in Colchester after stepping in to protect a friend. Jay was killed by a fatal stab wound to the chest and his attacker was later jailed for life. Caroline and her family have been left distraught after the loss of Jay.

    Determined not to see more lives lost and more families put through the devastation her family was experiencing, Caroline set up a weapons awareness charity in November 2012 called Only Cowards Carry.

    The charity delivers weapons awareness programmes to schools, parents and teachers to help young people understand the reality of knife crime.
    In June 2016, Dionne Martin found out her brother, 37-year-old Daniel Mitchell-Monroe, had been stabbed to death while he tried to protect his niece, Dionne’s 23-year-old daughter Armani, from unwanted advances.

    Mr Mitchell-Monroe had been to get his haircut during a shopping trip with Armani, on June 28, 2016.

    When Armani was alone, Joram Bakumanya approached and began speaking to her. He became aggressive and abusive when his advances were rejected and fearing for her safety, Armani called her uncle.

    Mr Mitchell-Monroe became involved in an altercation with Bakumanya, who then stabbed him three times with a large kitchen knife.

    Despite the best efforts of the emergency services, he sadly died at the scene.

    Dionne and her brother had a close relationship and her family has been left distraught since his death.

    Joram Bakumanya was jailed for life on April 19, 2017.
    Martin Griffiths, a leading Consultant Vascular and Trauma Surgeon at Barts Health NHS Trust, sees a large number of patients come his way with stab wounds.

    He has seen people killed by stab wounds to the calf, the arm and to the face and neck and warns those that carry knives that there is no safe way for a person to be stabbed.

    Martin works with young people to show them the reality of knife crime and to steer them away from affiliation with gangs.  
    Steve Jennings is a Detective Chief Inspector in our major crime team in Stanway. He investigates murders and throughout his career has had to investigate a number of fatal stabbings.

    Steve tells us that one of the hardest parts of his job is telling the families of victims that they have lost a loved one in such a tragic way. He can remember every time he's had to tell a family that they have lost a loved one to knife crime. He urges those that carry knives to “dispose of them safely and step away from the false glamour of knife crime.”
  • Where to safely dispose of knives
    There are seven knife bins dotted across the county, provided by the charity Only Cowards Carry (OCC). The bins are in place all year round and their locations can be found on our website as well as OCC’s website.

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