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Reporting domestic abuse

We encourage you to report domestic abuse to us.

Not knowing exactly what will happen when you call us can be worrying and prevent you from seeking help, so we’ve put together a step-by-step explanation.

If you decide not to speak to us, please don’t suffer in silence. Confide in someone you trust and contact one of the support organisations on our Help in Essex or Help across the UK pages.

Never be frightened to call us.

If your partner has committed a criminal offence, it’s our decision to arrest them, so you shouldn’t feel responsible.

Don’t be frightened to dial 999 in an emergency.

You don’t have to be experiencing domestic abuse yourself to report it. You can call us or any support agency if you’re worried about a friend, relative, colleague or neighbour.

Domestic Abuse Central Referral Unit

Our domestic abuse officers are always available to help. You can contact the Domestic Abuse Central Referral Unit (CRU) by calling us on 101 extension 180340.

Other ways to contact us

You can also:

  • Call our dedicated domestic abuse non-emergency number 0800 358 0351
  • Call our non-emergency number 101*
  • Call in at your local police station to report domestic abuse

There is also a language line available to take details for those who do not speak English.

* The cost of a call to the 101 (police non emergency number) is 15p for the duration of the call from both landlines and mobile telephones.

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