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How we can help

Our liaison officers’ priorities are your safety, both now and in the future.

As well as offering continual support and advice, they can help keep you and your children free from abuse in a number of ways.

Below you’ll find more detailed descriptions of what actions the police, working with other agencies, can take to keep you safe.

Sanctuary scheme

Sanctuary schemes make it possible for a person who has experienced domestic abuse to remain in their home and feel safe.

The schemes vary from fitting new locks and external lighting to creating a room, known as a panic room, where you can go to call the police and wait for us to arrive in safety.

Sanctuary rooms vary but usually include solid doors which only open one way and are fitted with strong hinges, bolts and top and bottom locks.

Safe guarding of your home

If you fear your abuser may come to your home, we can make arrangements for a Crime Prevention Tactical Advisors to visit and look at what can be done to help keep you safe.

Home alterations

Our officers can also make arrangements for security alterations to be made to your home. We work closely with local councils to change locks and fit strong doors.

Mobile phones

We can provide mobile phones which will offer additional safety and confidence to those affected by domestic abuse.

Address marker

If you’re worried your abuser may return to your home, we can put a special marker on your address so our officers know to come to your home as quickly as possible when you make a call to the police.

Safety plans

If you are living with domestic abuse we can help you make a personal safety plan. This will help you plan in advance how you are going to leave your home in an emergency.

We’ll help you think about an escape plan, pack an emergency bag and hide it somewhere safe and draw up a list of emergency phone numbers to carry with you.

Our officers can also advise you on what to take with you when you leave and what you might need if you decide to stay in a refuge.

Moving home

We understand many people prefer to stay in their own home but if you’re a council tenant and need to move, we can liaise with the local council to arrange this.

We can also put you in contact with organisations throughout the county who can help to find you a place at a refuge where you and your children can stay free from abuse. Refuge addresses are always kept confidential.

Support through court proceedings

If your abuser is taken to court, we can talk you through the court proceedings and arrange for you to give evidence behind a screen of via video link if you would prefer.

We can also transport you and a friend or relative, should you want someone with you, to and from court.
If you would rather not be in court to hear the verdict or sentencing we will make sure you are informed of the outcome.

The conclusion of a court case does not have to mean an end to the support you receive from our officers.

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