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CSAS employee's guide

Your employer will lead the application process but he or she will need your input along the way.

You’ll find all the information you need in our guidelines document but we’ve put together a short summary of the important points below.


We want to make sure everyone involved in the scheme is of good character and has no relevant criminal convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings.

To be sure applicants are appropriate to carry out the roles they’ll be granted, we run four checks:

  • An identification check
  • A check against the Police National Computer
  • A check against Essex Police computer systems and/or the computer systems of police forces in areas the applicant has resided over the last five years
  • A financial check

To help us do this we ask you to complete a vetting form.

The form is divided into three sections. The first two sections are confidential and it’s your employer’s duty to make sure they stay that way.

This is what you can expect to happen:

Your employer will ask you to provide proof of identification and residency. These can include a passport, birth certificate, driving licence or utility bill.

Your employer will photocopy these documents and hand the originals back to you.

Your employer will fill in your name and date of birth in the relevant parts of the vetting form.

Your employer will write his or her name and your name on an A4 envelope

The envelope, photocopied documents and partially completed application form will be given to you to finish.

You should complete the application form, place it in the sealed envelope with the photocopied documents and hand it back to your employer to include in the application.

You’ll also need to give your employer a photograph of yourself. This will be endorsed by an authorised signatory stating it is of true likeness to you.

Criminal Convictions

We are unable to accept applications from people who have been convicted or cautioned for a serious offence.

All spent, unspent and pending convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings must be disclosed on application. Failure to do so will result in the application being rejected.

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