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X Factor win 'feels like a dream' for Canvey PCSO

The moment Little Mix won The X Factor ‘feels like a dream’, according to Canvey PCSO Jan Nelson.

Jan’s daughter Jesy forms one quarter of the girl band who became the first band ever to win the ITV1 talent show on Sunday, December 11, 2011.

Jan said: "I woke up the morning after the final and had to ask myself – ‘am I dreaming or did Little Mix really win The X Factor last night?’ It really is unbelievable. 

"I have always watched The X Factor, I love it, so for my daughter to be part of the winning act is just amazing. 

"I know some people moan about the programme, but it gives life-changing opportunities to people who wouldn’t normally get a chance in the music industry, so I don’t think you can knock it for that.”

Girl bands have traditionally not fared well in the annual competition but Little Mix beat all the odds to be crowned winners.

Jan added: "The best part of it all isn’t the winning, it’s the positive comments that the girls have had from their fans. 

"They are four ordinary girls but they have had so many letters from teenage girls and boys telling them how inspiring they have been. 

"Reading some of the letters made me cry, I am so proud that my daughter is having such a positive effect on others."

The days and weeks ahead promise to be filled with non-stop media and promotional appointments for Little Mix.  In fact, Jan only got a few minutes to congratulate her daughter last night before the four girls were whisked away from their families by their new management team. 

"I think one of the things Jesy’s most excited about is meeting Simon Cowell”, Jan laughed. "Apparently he really likes Little Mix and she’s desperate to meet him!”

Jan is keen to thank her colleagues at Essex Police and the Canvey Island community for the support they have shown her and Little Mix. 

She said: "Work has been amazing - Chief Inspector Paul Howell, Inspector Chris Wood and Sergeant Dave Harvey have been so understanding of the extraordinary situation I have found myself in and have stood behind me and supported me every step of the way.

"I have always loved getting really involved with the Canvey community and The X Factor has given me a great topic of conversation to help me engage with the local kids – not that I usually struggle to find stuff to talk about!

"I love my job anyway but this whole X Factor experience has provided an added bonus – I cannot thank people enough for their support and now I look forward to seeing what exciting things lie ahead for Jesy and the girls.”


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