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Welcome to the Harwich Neighbourhood Policing Team pages. We are committed to making your neighbourhood a safer place to live, work and visit and will work with the community and our partners to tackle local problems. Harwich is part of the Tendring district and covers areas including Harwich East, Harwich East Central, Harwich West Central, Harwich West and Dovercourt.

Below you’ll find the members of your Neighbourhood Policing Team and details of how to contact them.

PCSO Chris Lloyd (Collar number 8492)

I have served with Essex Police as a Police Community Support Officer since January 2005. I spent the first 5.5 years covering all the different areas in Clacton & Jaywick but in 2010 transferred over to the Harwich Neighbourhood Policing Team. It’s not just Harwich I cover it’s also Ramsey/Parkeston/Little & Great Oakley so it’s a large and varied area. I would like to think that having worked in many diverse areas I have experience in dealing with a range of different issues & problems. My aim is to work within the community to try to make it a safer place to live & visit.

Contact details

Telephone: 101 ext 445145

PCSO Lynn Grayburn (Collar number 71984)

I have been a PCSO at Harwich since May 2007. My role has been predominantly patrolling our streets. I have also built links with Age Concern, Age UK , Golden Oldies, Harwich Stroke Club and the Sunny Club at the Salvation Army and other various groups including some of the residential homes giving Security Talks and Advice. I have had an input into Neighbourhood Watch in our area helping to set up new groups giving support and advice on the way. I have also worked closely with the younger community in the area attending Teentalk meetings, supporting them with their Hoodie festivals in recent years and Fund Raising events. I love people and I enjoy working with our local Community and would like to think that as a PCSO I am approachable from the public and to help and serve this local community which I am working and living amongst.

Contact details

Telephone: 101 ext 445145

PCSO Matthew Ladkin (Collar number 70398)

I am one of the Police Community Support Officers for Harwich and surrounding villages. I am committed to making the area I work in a safer place to live, visit and work. If you see me on patrol please come and speak to me, tell me ‘what matters to you’ especially if you have concerns about crime or anti-social behaviour.

Contact details


Your local police station is listed below along with its opening hours and accessibility features.

Contact details:

Harwich Police Station
88-92 Main Road
CO12 3LW

Tel: 101

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Opening Hours
mon12:00 - 18:00
tue12:00 - 18:00
wed12:00 - 18:00
thu12:00 - 18:00
fri12:00 - 18:00
sat12:00 - 18:00
sun12:00 - 18:00
Accessibility features
  • Ramp
  • Intercom
  • Induction loop
  • -Automatic Door Opening (via push button)
  • Customer care pack

Below you can read about the issues we have made a policing priority in your neighbourhood. We aim to act on the issues that matter the most to you.

Local Priority


Non-dwelling Burglary e.g. sheds, garages and business premises

Raised on 08/11/2014


Covert and overt patrols are being carried out in vulnerable locations to catch and deter offenders. Update 23/12/14 - Anti burglar patrols continue to target and deter suspects. Update 20/01/15 - There has been a reduction in the number of non-dwelling burglaries reported recently. However patrols continue to target suspects and vulnerable areas. Update 05/02/15 - Patrols continue to target suspects and vulnerable areas; Update 07/03/15 - Patrols continue to target suspects and vulnerable locations. Update 02/04/15 - Covert and overt patrols are being carried out in vulnerable locations to catch and deter offenders. Update 05/05/15 - There has been a recent increase in garage burglaries in particular with several along Marine Parade and adjoining streets. Patrols will continue to target likely suspects. Update 04/06/15 - Patrols continue to target vulnerable areas and likely suspects. Update 18/07/15 - Overt and Covert patrols are targeting vulnerable locations and likely suspects Update 13/08/15 - Targeted patrols continue to try and deter and disrupt suspects. Update 08/09/15 - Targeted patrols continue to try and deter and disrupt suspects. Update 23/10/15 - Patrols continue to target vulnerable areas and likely suspects. Update 10/11/15 - We continue to monitor offences and target patrols accordingly. Update 11/12/15 - Patrols continue to target vulnerable areas and likely suspects. Update 13/01/16 - Patrols continue to target vulnerable areas and likely suspects.

Updated on 13/01/2016

Listed below are a number of events we invite you to come along to. They’re an opportunity for you to meet the team and discuss any issues or concerns you have.

The Mobile Police Station will not be in service until further notice.

Crime statistics for your neighbourhood are available below along with resolutions to broader crime issues.

View crime statistics for this neighbourhood


Update 13/01/16:-

There has been a recent increase in the number of dwelling burglaries in the Harwich area recently. Residents are urged to remain vigilant to help prevent further burglaries in the area. With the darker evenings don't forget to leave a light on if you are going out, try and make it look like someone is at home. Certain individuals are being targeted by both uniformed and covert officers.

Some extra thought should be given to ensure security is tight, with doors and windows secured, alarms set if available and security lighting is fully operational. External, movement activated lighting is extremely effective in deterring burglars.

Please report anybody seen acting suspiciously especially during daylight entering back gardens or paying undue attention to properties.

Another issue which we are keen to keep a lid on is that of 'rogue traders' - e.g. where workmen offer to carry out work for you (which sometimes is not even necessary), fail to complete the work satisfactorily and make demands for money above the original amount quoted for the work.

Please see the attached information to assist you in avoiding being targeted by Rogue Traders and becoming a victim of crime, the ‘Buy with confidence’ scheme run by Trading standards is summarised below.

'Buy with Confidence' is an approved trader scheme which has been set up to assist residents to find reputable local businesses.

Businesses are audited by Trading Standards to ensure they comply with consumer protection legislation and only once they pass can they display the Buy with Confidence logo and be entered onto the website.

Approved businesses are monitored on a regular basis and feedback is invited from their customers. If member companies fall below acceptable standards, they may be expelled from the scheme.

The scheme also allows for an arbitration service in instances where the business and the consumers cannot achieve a satisfactory resolution.

Please use the link below to gain access to the search facility for approved Traders in your area:-

The team here welcome any calls or information from members of the public to allow us to tackle any other issues of anti-social behaviour or crime that they might be experiencing.

BICYCLE THEFTS are all too common. These are being taken, in the main, from outside of shops and from front gardens. In a majority of cases bicycles have been left insecure which presents an easy target for opportunist thieves. Always secure your bicycle or take it indoors even if you are only going to be leaving it unattended for a short period of time.

If you have ANY INFORMATION concerning any type of criminal or anti social activity then please let us know. Without this valuable information it makes it very difficult for the police to bring offenders to justice. Any information you do pass to the police will be dealt with in strict confidence and can also be done anonymously.

As always if you would like advice on any matters, such as crime prevention, then please do not hesitate to call.

If you would like to join or start one of our many Neighbourhood Watch schemes, then please contact us and we will send you an information pack. Help us to make our community a safer place to be - start up a watch today.

Finally, and as always, if there is anything at all that you wish to discuss then please do not hesitate to contact us here.

You can take action in a number of ways to help make your neighbourhood a safer place to live, work and visit.

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