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Sheds and garages

The humble garden shed has increasingly become a happy hunting ground for thieves.

With security on many houses upgraded, burglars are opting for easy pickings at the end of the garden.

A shed, garage or out building is often far easier to break into and less likely to be alarmed, yet many carry small but expensive DIY tools which are easier to make off with than a computer or television.

Although tools are cheaper to buy than some household items, they carry a healthy second hand value and are easy to sell on quickly.


The advice should be simple – keep your tools under lock and key, but cunning thieves won’t let a padlock fitted on a flimsy clasp get in their way.

Padlocks, cheap or expensive, offer little protection and thieves have been known to force open shed and roof panels to get inside.

So, what’s the solution?

  • Invest in a good quality, well designed shed.

  • Think about where you position it.

  • Install mains or battery powered alarms and invest in some lights to illuminate that part of the garden.

  • Make sure the shed is firmly anchored to the ground – it has been known for sheds to be lifted to let thieves inside.

  • Firmly secure the shed door and windows.

  • Fit a wire cage inside the shed where more expensive items can be locked away. No thief wants to hang about longer than they have to so delay the time it will take them to get their hands on your tools.

  • Secure hinges with coach bolts not screws.

  • Fit window film to any glass to increase its strength.

  • Secure a lockable box to the floor and/or wall of the shed to store power tools in.

  • Anchor a thick cable to the floor, attach valuables to it and secure with a good quality padlock.


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