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Alarms and lighting

Investing in an alarm and effective indoor and outdoor lighting can deter or draw attention to a thief.

Outdoor and indoor lighting

Lights triggered by movement can be dangerous to passing traffic and easily ignored at the crucial time if they are constantly activated.

The most effective lighting is controlled by a dusk to dawn switch that comes on only when it gets dark. It costs very little to run and acts as a deterrent all night.

An empty home is an attractive target for thieves. If you’re going to be out all day or are going on holiday, set timers for one or more lights to come on when it gets dark.


Burglars are less likely to target a house with an alarm so it’s advisable to fit one.

There are two types to choose from. Audible only alarms set off a siren or bell while monitored alarms are connected to a central monitoring service and alert police on activation.

These must be installed to BS.EN 50131 standard and will involve monitoring and service charges.

Essex Police A house in darkness at four o’clock in the afternoon does stand out. It says that it’s likely someone will not be there. Essex Police
Heather Gurden, Senior Architectural Liaison Officer

Talk to your local Crime Reduction Officer, insurance company and specialists about which sort of alarm is best for you. Companies registered with the National Security Inspectorate or Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board will be able to help you.

Buy an alarm system that meets British or European standards.

Contact a professional to install the alarm - a wrongly fitted alarm can cause all kinds of problems and end up costing you more.


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