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Terms and conditions

  • The Plane Watch membership card remains the property of Essex Police and can be recalled by Essex Police at any time.

  • Any vehicle used by an enthusiast in and around Stansted Airport must be declared on the initial application form. Please inform us by email or letter if you change your regular vehicle.

  • Unattended vehicles at or near to the terminal or perimeter fence or on any double yellow lines at Stansted Airport may cause a security alert, so please be aware of where you park your vehicle.

  • Enthusiasts are requested to park on the same side of the road along Belmer Road, and not too close to each bend on Belmer Road. During the summer months, safe passage through this area may otherwise be compromised.

  • If any vehicle used by you is found parked illegally at the airport, further steps will be taken which may result in your enthusiast membership being withdrawn and prosecution for any offences revealed. It should be noted that unattended vehicles around the terminal area may be towed away by the airport without notice and a fee charged.

  • Should you be challenged by any police officer, police community support officer, or airport security officer while you are within the airport boundary, you are requested to produce your membership card. The officer may still decide to carry out further checks and record your details. You are asked to comply with any instructions given to you. To assist the police and the security teams, you are advised to carry a second form of identity, such as a driving licence or credit card.

  • Any member that fails to comply with any instructions given to them by the police or airport security, or acts in any abusive or insulting way, will have their membership to the scheme immediately withdrawn.

  • Should any of your details change after your card has been issued, you are requested to inform us as soon as possible so that we can keep our records up to date.

  • Please note, plane spotting is not considered by the airport authorities to be a bona fide reason to attend Stansted Airport, and therefore the police and the airport may enforce the bye laws at their discretion. You can greatly assist your fellow plane spotters by always acting in a courteous and responsible manner, and reporting any suspicious or illegal behaviour you witness.



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